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| Written by Tim LaFleur

How to Avoid Tech Fatigue at Your Next Event

Picture this: You are planning to attend an event and from the onset, you are expected to engage with multiple electronic channels. We’ve all been there…

  1. Visit the event website to register and check in…
  2. Download the event app to see the schedule…
  3. Visit this website to take a poll…
  4. Submit a survey through a separate link…
  5. Open another app for the tradeshow…
  6. Connect through the WIFI…

For even the most tech-savvy attendee, event technology can become overwhelming and exhausting. Event organizers are tasking the attendee to have to remember which platform and medium to use to accomplish a variety of different event-related requests. When your event tech is not planned out right, technology overload can be time-consuming and has the risk of causing tech fatigue during your event which may disengage attendees, or worse, frustrate them.

What is Tech Fatigue?

Tech Fatigue is when a user becomes so overwhelmed with the technology choices that they choose to do nothing or engage in a very limited capacity with the options available. Tech fatigue can happen in two different ways. It can happen at the company level where a company is overcome with all the possible technology options to implement into an event as well as at the attendee level during an event.

How to Avoid Tech Fatigue

For event planners, start by listing and prioritizing the top three things you want to achieve with your event technology. This will help guide you to what event technology solutions will meet your top objectives and which ones may simply be adding more unnecessary layers.

Additionally, when considering technology platforms, do your due diligence to understand how they “talk” to each other. The goal is to try to make the user experience as seamless as possible.

Consider making your mobile app the main point of entry point for all your event tech. In fact, a good mobile app can seamlessly link you to other technologies without even leaving the platform or at the very least, make it seem like the user is still within the mobile app frame.

Top 3 Takeaways to Limit Event Tech Fatigue

  1. Choose your mobile app wisely by asking the right questions and having a plan early on in the event planning.
  2. Don’t’ try to be all things to all people. Choose your tech wisely. Does it fit into your objectives?
  3. Start the planning from the beginning not right before the event. Event tech that is planned out too late in the process tends to look like a “band-aid approach” as opposed to a seamless well thought-out integration.

And finally, know when to ask for professional assistance when planning out your event technology for your next event. There are so many solutions and platforms, simply evaluating all of them can become exhausting and overwhelming. It will prove more beneficial to work with a consultant who has previous exposure to many different solutions. They can help you ask the right questions and point you in the right direction to achieve the right solution for your next event.

For more information on event tech best practices, visit or call 262-835-3553 and ask to speak to event tech expert.

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