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Transforming organizations through the power of human energy.

Create purposeful, engaging experiences that connect and inspire—online or in-person.

Reward & Engage Your Employeeswith a virtual gifting program!

Strengthen the bond between brand, executives, employees, channel partners and stakeholders
by sending custom gifts, and rewards directly to participants’ home or office.

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Learn about the tips, tricks, and industry resources that help our event professionals deliver creative solutions each and every day.

Recent Articles

  • Designing a Company Wellness Program amid a Pandemic

    It’s been more than a year since the pandemic changed our world. M&IW saw an immediate need to keep employees motivated and healthy and thus started a Company Wellness Program. The transformations caused by COVID-19 were […]

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  • [ON-DEMAND] M&IW (Hybrid) Forum Post-Con Webinar

    Our goal with our first-ever hybrid event, M&IW Events Reimagined Forum, was to showcase innovative ideas, engagement strategies, event design elements, and best practices so that you could see what’s possible with your hybrid audiences, […]

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  • Events > Forward — Adding Discovery for Sourcing In-Person Meetings Part II

    The initial discovery process for sourcing in-person meetings has changed since pre-pandemic. Having open and honest conversations will lead to a more comprehensive and transparent sourcing process to ensure the personal safety and security of […]

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Who We Are

An Award-Winning, Women-Owned Organization

M&IW specializes in the strategy, management, and execution of events of all sizes and types across the globe. Our unique value is our ability to listen, be agile, and provide flexible, creative solutions. Our success is a direct result of our passionate and dedicated team that serves our customers every day. This agility and dedication served us well as we thoughtfully expanded our event management and SMMP from mostly live in-person events, to virtual and hybrid environments.


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