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Transforming organizations through the power of human energy.

Create purposeful, engaging experiences that connect and inspire—online or in-person.

Reward & Engage Your Employeeswith a virtual gifting program!

Strengthen the bond between brand, executives, employees, channel partners and stakeholders
by sending custom gifts, and rewards directly to participants’ home or office.

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Learn about the tips, tricks, and industry resources that help our event professionals deliver creative solutions each and every day.

Recent Articles

  • On-Site Health & Safety During a Pandemic: What You NEED to Know

    On-site event safety and health is a hot topic among planners who want to “get back to work,” however, with a greater due diligence at play, program owners and event stakeholders need to understand the risk and the overwhelming opportunity […]

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  • M&IW Announces an Incentive Travel and Employee Recognition Service Expansion

    For your incentive travel and employee recognition programs, winners can choose their own gifts, rewards, or travel packages through a branded portal as a pre-event gift, during an event, or as a follow-up touchpoint with […]

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  • Events > Forward — Developing an Emergency Response Plan for Events

    You may not be able to predict when emergencies will strike, but you can plan for them by having an Emergency Response Plan. In fact, detailing emergency preparedness procedures is one of the most important […]

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Who We Are

An Award-Winning, Women-Owned Organization

M&IW specializes in the strategy, management, and execution of events of all sizes across the globe. Our unique value is our ability to listen, be agile, and provide flexible, creative solutions. Our success is a direct result of our passionate and dedicated team that serves our customers every day. This agility and dedication served us well as we thoughtfully expanded our event management and SSMP offerings into a virtual setting, producing virtual and hybrid events that mirror their live counterparts.


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