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Recent Articles

  • 4 Steps to Obtaining Work-Life Balance

    Obtaining work-life balance is a concept that everyone aspires to achieve. Although the process of obtaining work-life balance can be in one’s grasp, it can be hard to acquire; especially when the lines are blurred. […]

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  • Meetings & Events Predictions for the New Year

    It’s that time of year: celebrating holidays, gathering with family, using up the last of your PTO. But amidst all the fun and festivity, it’s also time to reflect on the past year and prepare […]

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  • 2022 Event Marketing Trends

    Want to know what the best event marketers are focusing on at this moment? Then you’re in luck. Flow, M&IW’s creative services, event marketing, and engagement solutions division, is laser-focused on today’s hottest trends. We […]

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Who We Are

An Award-Winning, Women-Owned Organization

M&IW specializes in the strategy, management, and execution of events of all sizes and types across the globe. Our unique value is our ability to listen, be agile, and provide flexible, creative solutions. Our success is a direct result of our passionate and dedicated team that serves our customers every day. This agility and dedication served us well as we thoughtfully expanded our event management and SMMP from mostly live in-person events, to virtual and hybrid environments.


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