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Group Air Travel

Efficient, Stress-Free Air Travel Management

Our clients and their guests are our number one priority, so we provide around-the-clock communications, both during the planning process and the event itself.

It’s About People

As experts in Group Air Travel, our team is able to answer any question that may arise regarding airlines, airports, special requests, flight opportunities and possible irregularities.

  • Our group air team puts people first and believes that each traveler must be treated with care and consideration. Traveling is stressful enough – we’re here to help make it enjoyable. 
  • We try to prevent travel headaches by proactively monitoring travel updates and suggesting changes as necessary.
  • Your guests will have 24-hour access to dedicated agents.
  • Our on-site travel support staff offer attendees quick-access to flight changes from your event’s registration desk.

Been There, Seen That

It’s not about the number of tickets we issue; it’s about the personal touch we provide.

About our team of caring travel agents: 

  • 16 dedicated group air agents
  • 24 years’ average experience, per agent
  • Available 24/7 by phone​
  • On-demand assistance available during travel days​
  • Collaborate with M&IW and client event managers to closely monitor the attendee travel experience  
  • Offer itemized reporting on traveler spend, postevent

Let Us Take You Where You Need To Go

If you need help managing your company's group travel needs, let us know!
We'd love to support your travel needs or simply consult on your event travel process.

Start a Conversation

What Our Clients Are Saying

Wow! Just got to spend some more time with this – Holy Cow, these savings of over $368 per person for a total of $15K in total is almost too good to be true! Awesome air team indeed, thank you!
Insurance Client
Air oh my! Last-minute bookings because that is the way we roll! Countless follow-ups and deviations for executives and other attendees and your team was always willing to help anyone that asked no matter the situation. Air is so important as it is the first impression for an attendee and you really went out of your way to make it as seamless as possible.
Global Pharmacuitical Client

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