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| Written by Jill Pearson

Year in Review: Top LinkedIn Posts of 2023 

In 2023, we were thrilled to watch our online community grow substantially and loved the increased interaction!  To our over 4,300 new followers we want to say ‘welcome’ and to all members of our amazing community, thank you for your likes, support of and comments on posts throughout the year.  In that spirit, we are taking a look back at the five most popular LinkedIn posts of 2023 based on the overall Engagement and Applause Rate. 

Our goal last year was to provide consistent and relevant content to our community. We worked hard to meet this goal by sharing our expert insights, event highlights, job opportunities, and employee successes with all of you. In 2024 we want to be even more intentional and timely with the content we are sharing. If you have not done so already, join our Subscription List and select your areas of interest to assist us in providing the most relevant content for you in 2024.   

Our top posts for 2023 had a common theme: M&IW’s amazing talent, exciting new event opportunities, and celebrating our rich history with a bold vision for the future. We hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane, and we are excited about the new content we have in store for 2024! 

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1. Our Team Leaders Get Ready to Soar in 2024!

With 51.36% Engagement Rate, this post was a hit with our community! 

In November of 2023, approximately twenty members of our leadership team came together to strategize 2024 goals and focus on strengthening M&IW’s One Team Spirit. M&IW is ready to SOAR in 2024!  View Post

soar in 24 top engagement post

2. Celebrating our Team Members at the 2023 Summit!

Each year during our M&IW Summit, we take advantage of our time together in-person to celebrate our M&IW Hospitality Heroes that go above and beyond for our customers and fellow team members. This post celebrated the winners virtually and congratulated them on their outstanding accomplishments. View Post

top engagement summit post

3. M&IW Team Members Utilize the Food Donation Improvement Act

M&IW team members took giving back to a new level this year by utilizing the NEW federal law that makes it easier to donate excess food from events. Many hotels were hesitant at first, afraid of the liabilities, but our team members Marcelo Casadei and Laura Green, CMP, were armed with the knowledge that food donations are now easier under a new federal law called the Food Donation Improvement Act that was passed in January of 2023. View Post

top engaged food donation post

4. M&IW Provides Travel and Meeting Support for Historic 4,000-Person Conference

M&IW had the opportunity to provide travel and meeting support for the Obama Foundation’s Fall Convenings and Democracy Forum in November 2023. Our team members were responsible for registration, housing, transportation, app management, event support, and onsite staffing from October 30th to November 3rd at the McCormick Place Convention Center. We are proud of our team members who successfully managed this important event and honored to have been a part of this year’s historic Democracy Forum which had over 4,000 people in attendance! View Post

top post for travel and meeting support

5. M&IW Turns 56!

From our early beginnings as a travel agency to our M&IW Summit 2023 Journey to World Class, we have grown by leaps and bounds. We are so proud to celebrate this milestone as one of the TOP event and incentive-travel management companies in the industry. To celebrate our anniversary, we asked employees to reflect on their time with M&IW, what it means to celebrate our past, and their hopes and vision for the future. View Post

MIW turns 56 top engagement post

Honorable Mention:

Working Remotely has many benefits but when our team members have the opportunity to come together in person, there is a certain magic that happens! View Post

Thank you for being a valued member of our M&IW community! We are looking forward to bringing you more inspiring and insightful content in 2024.

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