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See the Impossible – Educational Measures

Sponsor Feature – Educational Measures

So, you want to partner with a company who can drive innovation and improve meeting effectiveness with leading interactive event technology. After all, the main goal is to increase audience engagement, right? What if M&IW could introduce you to a leader in the industry who can not only boost audience response rates and capture more data, but also one that can take a deep dive into attendee engagement? A company with built-in analytics that provides actionable insights, measures ROI and improves meeting effectiveness.

Meet Educational Measures, a company that offers the all-in-one interactive meeting technology solution company from start to finish. We caught up with Mike Caserta and the Educational Measures team to see what they had to say about Seeing the Impossible and how it applies to this amazing technology company.

How does Educational Measures See the Impossible and raise the bar for your clients?

At Educational Measures, we help our clients see the value of engaged meeting participants. Through data-driven insights, we create opportunities for them to achieve real value from their meetings that may have once seemed impossible. Our Array interactive meeting technology enables our clients to connect with and engage face-to-face and remote audiences anywhere in the world, with one application. Through data collection and intelligent meeting analytics, we take it further and help our clients truly understand their audience, uncovering trends from their audience engagement data that will help them improve their meeting performance.

What are some of the trends you are seeing related to your business? Or, do you have any new products or services that are creating waves?

Array Hub(TM), our new intelligent meeting analytics platform, delivers powerful insights to improve meeting performance. Clients can securely view and access and analyze all of their meetings data in the cloud. They can assess overall meeting impact, evaluate engagement with content on a slide-by-slide basis, evaluate participant experience, and even uncover performance trends across their meetings. Meeting insights can be quickly downloaded and shared with stakeholders in a beautiful executive report. Array Hub (TM) provides deep value to meeting planners and stakeholders by helping them visualize their meetings data in a useful, actionable way.

What does Seeing the Impossible mean to you personally? In your role, how are you continuing to bring new, fresh and innovative ideas to forward?

In my role, we are constantly educating meeting planning experts about our Array iPad Engagement Technology platform for live meetings. A very gratifying experience when meeting stakeholders see the value the Array iPad Engagement solution can bring to their meetings. Then when the meeting stakeholder uses the Engagement Technology for the first time, they tell us how significant the iPad Engagement solution made to their meeting, and they will never do another meeting without it.

Educational Measures is one company you won’t want to miss at the M&IW Summit Supplier Showcase. Stop on by to find out how Educational Measures can orchestrate all your technology needs!

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See the Impossible: Renaissance Hotels

Diamond Sponsor Feature – Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center Hotel

Time and time again, we hear the question: What is the purpose of your meeting? But how often does the person asking you that question really listen to your response? Are you tired of working with a partner who shakes their head yes, but in the end delivers another cookie-cutter meeting? If so, you need a partner who believes the best way to get the most out of work is to squeeze the most out of life! And, that company is Renaissance Hotels. I chatted with some folks at the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center Hotel, this year’s venue for the M&IW Annual Summit, to discuss what it means to them to See the Impossible.

Our message is about going beyond what is possible to uncover solutions to challenges and explore new opportunities. How does Renaissance Schaumburg See the Impossible and raise the bar for your clients?

Each letter in our R.E.N. Meetings ethos is a promise we make to you. From Rlife live events to Experiential sensory meetings to Neighborhood narratives—we don’t just host conventions, we defy them. Asking the question “what is your meeting purpose” and bringing that vision to life through the talent and teamwork of our ambassadors. Each department in our hotel is comprised of a team of professionals in their given field. Their objective is to achieve your meeting goal while providing service that goes above-and-beyond expectations.

What are some of the trends you are seeing related to your business? Or, do you have any new products or services that are creating waves?

We believe the way to get the most out of work, is to squeeze the most out of life. After all, the best ‘nine to fives’ are a reflection of how you live from ‘five to nine’. That’s what you’ll experience when you explore the many shapes and sizes of our refreshed social spaces. Step out of your meeting room, and step into our engaging and interactive lobby. Take a selfie on the Swinging Chairs, schedule a tête-à-tête under the Steel Lilies that mitigate light and sound, catch up with your boss over a puzzle at the Discovery Table, and toast to a productive day with a locally crafted cocktail by Warmth. Every business trip is an opportunity to discover something new. Our property is committed to delivering a unique experience that offers our guests a stay that inspires and resonates and provides the chance to bring home a great story to share.

What does Seeing the Impossible mean to you personally? In your role, how are you continuing to bring new, fresh and innovative ideas to forward?

Seeing and developing new and unique experiences and technologies outside of the hospitality industry to enhance a hotels ability to deliver on the Renaissance guest desire for spontaneous discovery.

To learn more about squeezing the most out of life and go beyond the cookie-cutter meetings, we invite you to chat with the folks from the Renaissance Team at the M&IW Summit Supplier Showcase.

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See the Impossible: Teneo

Diamond Sponsor Feature – Teneo

Have you ever had the opportunity to partner with a company who is all about breaking the boundaries of what is possible and raising the bar for what is typically expected of a Global Sales Office? Have you worked with a partner who is nimble and flexible, a company that is constantly innovating to deliver results to you? If not, you are going to want to partner with the Teneo Hospitality Group.

We sat down with Traci Baxter, the Director of Sales at Teneo to discuss this year’s M&IW Summit Theme and what it means to Teneo. “Seeing the Impossible means not taking no for an answer, helping hotels and clients come to creative solutions through imagination, and a customer first focus.”

How does Teneo Hospitality Group See the Impossible and raise the bar for your clients?

Teneo Hospitality Group, as a relatively young company of five years, is all about breaking the boundaries of what is possible and raising the bar for what is typically expected of a Global Sales Office. We have shifted the focus from being a vendor to becoming a partner to embrace our client’s creative spirit and vision. As a smaller company, we can be nimble and flexible to customize solutions to ever-changing needs. Teneo relishes going beyond the sourcing and contracting. We are here to support and advocate for our clients and constantly innovate to deliver results.

What are some of the trends you are seeing related to your business? Or, do you have any new products or services that are creating waves?

This is an exciting time to partner with independent and smaller branded hotels for groups. As our event participants are changing generationally and expectations turn towards authentic, experiential and personalized immersive experiences, the amazing hotels in the Teneo portfolio are perfectly suited to fulfill these needs.

With much consolidation in the hotel world, and in some locations, it means less choice for a group outside of branded hotels. Iconic independent hotels and smaller experiential brands value their relationships with companies like Meetings & Incentives Worldwide so we can adjust to required contractual requirements, maintain flexibility, and have the ability to go ‘straight to the top’ when negotiating.

One of the trends that keep growing is sustainability and a focus on the environment. As an example, 1 Hotels, whose vision is that “the future of the world and the future of hospitality are one and the same. 1 Hotels believe that sustainability is the foundation on which they base all our design, construction, and operational decisions.”

Corporate social responsibility and giving back have been conversations we have all been having for many years. But, now and into the future, our partners, like M&IW, live and breathe this and have melded this focus into the DNA of their companies. In 2019, Teneo is supporting the Kids in Need Foundation and Society B for all of our networking events, continuing our give back efforts that began our very first year in 2014. Check out the video here for more information on both organizations! Clients who attend our hotel showcase events love that they while they are networking and learning, they are also contributing to a good cause!

What does Seeing the Impossible mean to you personally? In your role, how are how are you continuing to bring new, fresh and innovative ideas to forward.

I have the best job in the world! There are no processes or hoops for our customers to jump through to work with Teneo – no key accounts. As a GSO, I am the first and only go-to for any group from anywhere, for 10 rooms to 10,000 people, for any of our hotels or DMCs. For me personally, that means constantly educating myself on not only my portfolio of hotels and DMCs, but trends, destinations, renovations, technology, regulations, and anything that can impact a group’s experience. Because we can’t predict the next disruption, relationships can ensure you have a strong advocate to support your needs in the future. I strive to create an environment of trust through transparency, flexibility, and value by aligning what we can do with our clients’ business needs and their best interests.

To learn more about the mighty Teneo team we invite you to talk with them at this year’s M&IW Summit Supplier Showcase.

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See the Impossible: Stamm Media

Platinum Sponsor Stamm Media


Platinum Sponsor Feature – Stamm Media


Event technology is constantly evolving from digital signage and gamification to unified event system integration and much more. Working with the right technology partner can make or break your event. When looking to partner with an event technology company looking for a company that not only offers high tech / high touch but one whose main focus is on thorough customer service and exceeding expectations.

Stamm Media is one of those partners. We talked with the President & CEO, Dave Stamm to find out what See the Impossible means to the Stamm organization. Please read below to learn how Stamm Media Sees the Impossible:

This year’s M&IW Summit Theme is See the Impossible. Our message is about going beyond what is possible to uncover solutions to challenges and explore new opportunities. How does Stamm Media See the Impossible and raise the bar for your clients?

For an event production and audiovisual rental company, ‘seeing the impossible’ and executing it can be a daily task. Meetings of any scale need to be meaningful and memorable – and with that could present seemingly ‘impossible’ goals. We believe seamless service elevates the ordinary into extraordinary and makes those goals possible. At Stamm Media, we understand how important it is for your event to go smoothly and within budget. We help navigate those budgets by providing expertise in total AV production, custom interactive development, and IT services. That is why, along with our first-class level of production and state-of-the-art event technology rental inventory, our main focus is on thorough customer service and exceeding expectations.

What are some of the trends you are seeing related to your business?

Gone are the days of corporate theater for meetings and events. In its stead, Stamm Media places our emphasis on dynamic digital engagement. This provides meetings with flexibility and adaptability for the changing demographics of attendees that the theatrical design couldn’t accommodate. Digital signage solutions have been one of the biggest trends in that direction. This platform provides the client with an abundance of options for consistent branding including meeting agendas, breakout room schedules, and wayfinding to name a few. Digital signage also allows for real-time social media interaction. For example, attendees can post pictures or comments using a designated hashtag and see their participation populated on screen – or multiple screens across the venue. Another trend that will be utilized in future meetings and events is unified system integration. That is to say one overall system for your event tying together badge registration, mobile app, gamification data, etc.

Do you have any new products or services that are creating waves?

New technology can arrive with a high price point, so we’re constantly innovating ways to be cost effective while maximizing impact. One of the model ways we’ve accomplished this is with branded interactive rentals. Stamm Media has developed a dozen plus interactive experiences including; Plinko, Puzzle Master, Match 3, Golf Simulator, Trivia, and many more. Each one allows for a fully brandable game and integrated lead capture. This provides the client with a WOW factor and branded engagement piece without the cost of a built-from-scratch application. Additionally, we would say the move to LED from projection display is creating some waves. While projection has been the standard display for most meetings in the past, more and more general sessions are using LED walls to create unique stage presentations. Further along those lines, a new hardware solution is MicroLED. We now have an HD LED solution to replace the current 3 x 3 seamless monitor walls with one unified LED wall at the same resolution. As the industry continues to change, new technologies will be implemented to further leverage branding. Live streaming and secure WiFi deployment have made it possible to have remote individuals attend and participate. We have also seen emerging technologies like AR/VR experiences and holograms foster unique and purposeful engagements.

What does Seeing the Impossible mean to you personally? In your role, how are you continuing to bring new, fresh and innovative ideas to forward?

Stamm Media helps our partners bring the impossible to life through premier event production, exceptional service, and innovative event technology solutions. We operate at the forefront of our industry in a number of ways. Our team is continually educating themselves and following thought leaders to see what is on the bleeding edge. Technology is ever evolving, and we strive to quickly identify new technology that excels within the meetings and events space. Our charge is to be extremely responsive and receptive to our clients and use the right technology to exceed expectations. Finally, and most importantly, we ensure flawless execution and production with everyone on our team living out our motto of “Whatever it Takes”.

To learn more about innovative, engaging event technology solutions we invite you to talk with the knowledgeable Stamm Team at the M&IW Summit Supplier Showcase or you can visit their website at Stamm Media Website.

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ROI of Event Sponsorship: Stakeholders vs. Sponsors

Event Sponsor

Written by Jill Pearson | Manager, Digital Marketing and Media

Sponsorship, by definition, is the financial or material support of an event, activity or organization by an unrelated partner. Sponsoring a relevant event is a great way to increase brand awareness and strengthen relationships. This, in turn, helps generate consumer preference and foster brand loyalty. A company can reinforce awareness among its target market by sponsoring an event that attracts a desired target market. A sponsorship can be a meaningful part of a brands success, but also material to an event’s success.

Sponsoring an event is no means an act of charity – they must show some form of positive return on investment (ROI) for both stakeholders and sponsors. With ROI in mind, we would like to explore two separate perspectives in the sponsorship journey: the event stakeholder and the sponsoring organization.

As we near M&IW Campus Week, our annual company event, we reflect on the role of our industry partners. From an event stakeholder viewpoint, sponsors are of the utmost importance as they not only help to generate revenue for the event itself, but also offset costs for items that will enhance the overall attendee experience. For example, because of our platinum sponsors, we are including live meeting analytics from Educational Measures, over-the-top decor and style concepts from Kehoe Designs, professional event production from DMP and collaborative team building sessions from Banding People Together.

While sponsor and exhibitor relationships are key to these types of events, they can also be tricky to manage. To be successful, it is crucial to understand what matters most to the sponsoring organization. Do they prefer promotional opportunities leading up to the event, brand visibility on the registration site, advertising on a mobile app, relationship building with key contacts, ability to present at the event or sit on an industry panel, and of course, being able to connect with attendees post event.

You want to ensure they receive a solid return from their both investment and participation so that they continue to sign on year after year. And, it is also important to make sure that the sponsors and exhibitors selected are a good fit for the audience. Otherwise, the attendees will feel like the event was “sold” without consideration of their interests and time sport-life. Because we provide hotel sourcing and contracting services for our clients, hotels and resorts are a perfect fit. In fact, we have three platinum sponsors in this category: Marriott International, Hilton Worldwide and Rosewood.

Likewise, sponsoring organizations need to know that the audience is a fit for them. “To be successful, our employees need to be knowledgeable about new products, event-related services, hot destinations and more says Lindsay Perez, Assistant Manager, Program Management for Global Operations. She explains that “event sponsors and exhibitors gain valuable face time with those who have their ‘boots on the ground’ so to speak. They benefit from a rare opportunity to get in front of the individuals that use their services. Or, from a more general standpoint, individuals who may have key input, make recommendations to our clients or are involved in the decision-making process. It’s an overall win for the attendees and the sponsors, alike.”

A lot of organizations, including ours, use a tiered system to help differentiate the level of exposure or marketing that an organization will receive based on their support. This helps the hosting organization to keep the playing field level and manage expectations of the sponsoring and exhibiting companies.

“While it’s beneficial to participate as an exhibitor in the Supplier Showcase to network and make personal introductions, being a sponsor brings this educational value to the next level. It gives the organization an opportunity to be front and center of all M&IW employees and a chance to highlight the value they can offer to us, as a company, and to our clients,” explained Vicki Schmitz, HMCC, Senior Manager of Hotel Procurement. This is especially true for companies that have just started working with M&IW, a sponsorship can help them foster relationships and generate business opportunities faster.

We also have industry partners like Marriott International that have participated for several years. So, we asked Elizabeth Moynihan. CMP, Global Account Executive, her thoughts on the criteria her team uses when deciding to become a sponsor? Elizabeth responded, “Marriott values our long-term global partnership with M&IW. As strategic partners, we understand the importance and mutual benefit of sponsoring Campus Week. We take many components into consideration when determining our level of support. The opportunity for our hotel partners and GSO to engage face-to-face, and further cultivate and strengthen relationships is invaluable. We enjoy participating in Campus Week annually, and appreciate the opportunity to be a platinum sponsor.”

Our M&IW Campus Week taking place August 21-24, 2017 which includes our Client Summit and Supplier Showcase is the one time of year we bring together in one place our talented associates, valued clients, and industry partners. If you are interested in learning more about sponsor opportunities still available, please email us at and we will send you the prospectus.



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