SMM Consulting

M&IW’s SMM Consulting Team has a New Name


Introducing Intent Strategy Group (ISG)—an independent division of M&IW that will lead client engagements with organizations looking for premier SMMP and M&E platform technology solutions.

For the past four years, M&IW’s dedicated team of strategic meetings management (SMM) consultants have helped clients craft and deliver enterprise-wide solutions to reach an array of business objectives. This includes policy and process design, communications and change management strategies, gap analysis, recommendations for optimization, implementation and data migration, just to name a few. “As demand for our services continues to grow, it’s time for us to present an independent brand that better reflects the navigational guidance we offer through this consulting practice,” said Lisa Palmeri, Vice President, Principal Consultant.

To get a behind the scenes look at Intent Strategy Group or to learn more about its scope of service, please email Lisa Palmeri at, or follow M&IW on Facebook, LinkedIn or Vimeo to stay up-to-date on the latest company announcements, industry news and webinars. 



Due to this expansion and the popularity of our services, ISG is looking for Cvent System Administrators and Meetings Management Consultants nationwide to join their growing team. If you are an expert who wants to make a substantial impact from the ground up, click here to view career opportunities.

The Cvent System Administrator, Meeting Management Consulting role will be a position supporting multiple client accounts with their Cvent system, during the implementation stage as well as post-implementation.


Thanks for running a great meeting this morning. I wanted to let you know that I’m already hearing positive feedback from the team—which is hard to get to be honest—but people are feeling these calls are time well spent, so thank you for that!

Global Professional Services and Investment Management Company
M&IW is one of the best users of our entire system and the whole implementation team will vouch for it. 

Cvent Vice President
Working with the M&IW team has helped the client and the Cvent® implementation team, as Lisa/M&IW brings a tremendous amount of industry and applied meetings technology expertise.”

Cvent Implementation Team


Why Intent Strategy Group (ISG):

We bridge the gap between technology and customer requirements; between implementation and adoption.

  • Holistic approach to SMMP’s: Strategy + Technology + Services
  • Over 300 implementations (SMM and Technology)
  • 17+ years combined Cvent product and organizational experience
  • Support of the client-side of Cvent implementations
  • Unique pre-packaged solutions for new programs (1.0) and refinements (2.0)
  • Years of experience controlling spend for Fortune 500 clients before it was called SMM
  • Partner with clients to optimize expenditures and adopt formal procurement practices
  • Certified SMM experts, thought leaders
  • Focused on meeting owners and objectives
  • Early adopters and power users in leading meeting management technology
  • Customized SMM Analytics Dashboards
  • Global SMM implementation experience

Pre-Packaged Solutions:


Starter Kit 1.0 leverages either M&IW’s Cvent or the client’s instance of Cvent, with a basic meeting policy and streamlined communications plan.


Kaizen Kit 2.0 provides a program/Cvent system diagnostic review and roadmap of prioritized steps for continuous improvement.

SMM Planning & Consulting

Our consultants are experienced and active in professional organizations so they are qualified to share best practices, trends, and innovations happening throughout the travel and meetings industry. We utilize the latest and accepted SMM principles and practices for the solutions we recommend and implement.

Meeting Approval & Registration

Compliance starts with knowing and growing your internal meeting owners. Having meetings registered and approved is a crucial first step to forecasting for the future. We have innovative solutions to streamline this process, and at the same time, promote your program.

Strategic Sourcing & Negotiations

Improve cost-savings by leveraging your total spend with a limited supplier pool to achieve best rates, concessions, and terms. Our team of global buyers are procurement driven with an average of 13 years experience. They utilize best practices in everything they do — technology, process, and negotiating the best terms and conditions for our customers. They have vast knowledge of hotels and venues around the world.

Planning & Execution

Combine like meetings and resources to attain significant efficiencies and savings. Technology, mobility solutions, and automation are key components. Our team has vast knowledge and experience in all types of meetings and events. We also developed a unique, cost effective small meetings solution, which allows your meeting owners to stay in control yet gives you the needed visibility and reduces your exposure.

Data Analysis & Reporting

Data is powerful and provides indisputable and valuable information to you. Reports can show trends, anomalies, or ensure you are compliant with government regulations. We have a dedicated SMM Analytics team that provides customized, real time dashboards for you and your key stakeholders.

Mobility & Technology Solutions

Technology is an important piece of the puzzle. We are leaders in meeting management technology solutions and apps, including an app for meeting owners to register “on the fly”.

Program Branding & Marketing

Branding and marketing is key to launching and growing your program. We deliver creative solutions tailored to your message and organization. We’ve had success with a combination of videos, program teasers, incentives and rewards, mailers, training sessions, and meeting owner conferences. Our team is extremely passionate and creative when developing our clients’ SMMP marketing plans.

Change Management Strategies

Pivotal to implementing SMM. We take a sell them, not tell them an approach to change management by holding training sessions, motivating, and making it fun.