Mobility Solutions

M&I Service Pages Draft 2014 0916-05

M&IW’s knowledge and expertise have made significant changes in the way we are able to disseminate meeting information to our teams.
We were able to, for the first time, go paperless with our field force. Additionally, you provided us with a cost effective alternative for wireless internet in our office which saved us untold dollars!

Pharmaceutical Company
Why M&IW:
• 100% custom content mobility technology
• Leveraging mobility to enhance the event
experience and drive results
• Dedicated mobility team with a collaborative
• In-house solutions that require less lead time
at a lower cost
• Customized apps to promote your brand,
connect attendees and create excitement
In-house Mobile Specs for Planners

Ditch the binder and replace it with an internal mobile app to house all of your team’s documentation and communication. Save money and time by replacing printing costs and labor with a managed mobile solution.

In-house Agenda App for Attendees

Replace printed agenda booklets with a flexible app to provide attendees with vital information on their mobile devices. Alert them of changes in an instant, while saving valuable time by not re-printing materials.

Project Management of App Providers

If our in-house solution does not fit your needs, we will find the best fit with a third-party conference app development company. We manage the relationship to provide a seamless transition of information for each section of the app, creating no extra work for your team to design and deliver a product selected based on your criteria.

On-Site App Management

Our mobility team is available to fully support your mobility experience on-site. Any updates or alerts can be managed by a dedicated mobility specialist to ensure your on-site goals are achieved.

Internet Consulting

All on-site wireless networks are not created equal. Our team can help navigate the specific internet needs of your event and how they will interact with the on-site network. Our recommendations can help your attendees maintain the internet connection they need, while sometimes saving a significant amount of money in the process.

Other Mobility Solutions

Would you like to provide iPads at your meeting? How about live polling or text messaging? Are you wondering how to integrate Twitter into your conference experience? We can help you do these things and more.