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| Written by the M&IW Team

See the Impossible: Renaissance Hotels

Diamond Sponsor Feature – Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center Hotel

Time and time again, we hear the question: What is the purpose of your meeting? But how often does the person asking you that question really listen to your response? Are you tired of working with a partner who shakes their head yes, but in the end delivers another cookie-cutter meeting? If so, you need a partner who believes the best way to get the most out of work is to squeeze the most out of life! And, that company is Renaissance Hotels. I chatted with some folks at the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center Hotel, this year’s venue for the M&IW Annual Summit, to discuss what it means to them to See the Impossible.

Our message is about going beyond what is possible to uncover solutions to challenges and explore new opportunities. How does Renaissance Schaumburg See the Impossible and raise the bar for your clients?

Each letter in our R.E.N. Meetings ethos is a promise we make to you. From Rlife live events to Experiential sensory meetings to Neighborhood narratives—we don’t just host conventions, we defy them. Asking the question “what is your meeting purpose” and bringing that vision to life through the talent and teamwork of our ambassadors. Each department in our hotel is comprised of a team of professionals in their given field. Their objective is to achieve your meeting goal while providing service that goes above-and-beyond expectations.

What are some of the trends you are seeing related to your business? Or, do you have any new products or services that are creating waves?

We believe the way to get the most out of work, is to squeeze the most out of life. After all, the best ‘nine to fives’ are a reflection of how you live from ‘five to nine’. That’s what you’ll experience when you explore the many shapes and sizes of our refreshed social spaces. Step out of your meeting room, and step into our engaging and interactive lobby. Take a selfie on the Swinging Chairs, schedule a tête-à-tête under the Steel Lilies that mitigate light and sound, catch up with your boss over a puzzle at the Discovery Table, and toast to a productive day with a locally crafted cocktail by Warmth. Every business trip is an opportunity to discover something new. Our property is committed to delivering a unique experience that offers our guests a stay that inspires and resonates and provides the chance to bring home a great story to share.

What does Seeing the Impossible mean to you personally? In your role, how are you continuing to bring new, fresh and innovative ideas to forward?

Seeing and developing new and unique experiences and technologies outside of the hospitality industry to enhance a hotels ability to deliver on the Renaissance guest desire for spontaneous discovery.

To learn more about squeezing the most out of life and go beyond the cookie-cutter meetings, we invite you to chat with the folks from the Renaissance Team at the M&IW Summit Supplier Showcase.