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See the Impossible: Hyatt Hotels

Diamond Sponsor Feature – Hyatt Hotels

Teaming up with the right strategic partners who understand you and your client’s goals can make all the difference. Partners that just get it; think the way you think; and mirror your organizational values and culture. These types of relationships are invaluable. They not only make work fun; they drive better results. Hyatt Hotels is one of those partners. So, it wasn’t surprising when we caught up with Katie Cassidy, the Global Director for the Americas Hyatt Sales Force to find out what See the Impossible means to her and her organization, we couldn’t get enough of what she had to say. Read below to learn how Hyatt Hotels Sees the Impossible:

This year’s M&IW Summit Theme is See the Impossible. Our message is about going beyond what is possible to uncover solutions to challenges and explore new opportunities. How does Hyatt Hotels See the Impossible and raise the bar for your clients?

As we continue to grow, we don’t lose sight of what’s most important, people. Hyatt is a company that was family built. Every day we care for our guests. Care is at the heart of our business, and it’s this distinct guest experience that makes Hyatt one of the world’s best hospitality brands.

At Hyatt, we see wellbeing as the ultimate realization of our purpose, and caring for the wellbeing of our colleagues, customers and guests are at the heart of our purpose-driven work. Together, focusing on wellbeing creates deeper personal connections and experiences, and can be an encompassing effort that benefits everyone. For this reason, we are not only focused on bringing wellbeing to life for our guests and customers both in- and outside of hotel stays, but for our colleagues as well.

Hyatt has committed to a multi-million-dollar investment to inform offerings, programs and services that positively impact the wellbeing of Hyatt colleagues around the globe. We are also collaborating with thoughts-leaders to gain insight and incorporate best practices into our colleague programming because when our colleagues are at their best, they can better care for all of you and your guests and customers.

What are some of the trends you are seeing related to your business? Or, do you have any new products or services that are creating waves?

We are recognized globally by meeting planners for our responsiveness and flexibility. We have the tools and resources to alleviate the pressures of your role and address your most pressing pain points. From our RFP submission process to the Hyatt Event Concierge App and Group Bill, to our exceptional event service teams, we are known by meeting planners for being easy to work with and our timely execution.

The World of Hyatt loyalty program gives you and your organization access to rewards like upgrades and credits to enhance the experiences of both you and your attendees. New this year, we have launched a loyalty collaboration with American Airlines in which World of Hyatt and AAdvantage elite members can link their loyalty accounts in order to earn miles, points, and status when flying with American or staying at Hyatt.

What does Seeing the Impossible mean to you personally? In your role, how are you continuing to bring new, fresh and innovative ideas to forward?

What “Seeing the Impossible” means to me is being committed to my clients by really listening to them, connecting, showing empathy, and by doing so we will make a difference together. I am focused on delivering customized offerings, seamless events that provide meaningful experiences, value for your organization, and support to achieve your goals.

My commitment to Hyatt’s purpose of care allows us to provide a consultative approach so that our team acts as an extension of yours. You can count on us a partner who proactively communicates, stays connected and flexes to execute flawlessly, no matter what comes your way.

We invite you to talk with Katie Cassidy at the M&IW Summit Supplier Showcase.