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| Written by the M&IW Team

See the Impossible: Educational Measures

Sponsor Feature – Educational Measures

So, you want to partner with a company who can drive innovation and improve meeting effectiveness with leading interactive event technology. After all, the main goal is to increase audience engagement, right? What if M&IW could introduce you to a leader in the industry who can not only boost audience response rates and capture more data, but also one that can take a deep dive into attendee engagement? A company with built-in analytics that provides actionable insights, measures ROI and improves meeting effectiveness.

Meet Educational Measures, a company that offers the all-in-one interactive meeting technology solution company from start to finish. We caught up with Mike Caserta and the Educational Measures team to see what they had to say about Seeing the Impossible and how it applies to this amazing technology company.

How does Educational Measures See the Impossible and raise the bar for your clients?

At Educational Measures, we help our clients see the value of engaged meeting participants. Through data-driven insights, we create opportunities for them to achieve real value from their meetings that may have once seemed impossible. Our Array interactive meeting technology enables our clients to connect with and engage face-to-face and remote audiences anywhere in the world, with one application. Through data collection and intelligent meeting analytics, we take it further and help our clients truly understand their audience, uncovering trends from their audience engagement data that will help them improve their meeting performance.

What are some of the trends you are seeing related to your business? Or, do you have any new products or services that are creating waves?

Array Hub(TM), our new intelligent meeting analytics platform, delivers powerful insights to improve meeting performance. Clients can securely view and access and analyze all of their meetings data in the cloud. They can assess overall meeting impact, evaluate engagement with content on a slide-by-slide basis, evaluate participant experience, and even uncover performance trends across their meetings. Meeting insights can be quickly downloaded and shared with stakeholders in a beautiful executive report. Array Hub (TM) provides deep value to meeting planners and stakeholders by helping them visualize their meetings data in a useful, actionable way.

What does Seeing the Impossible mean to you personally? In your role, how are you continuing to bring new, fresh and innovative ideas to forward?

In my role, we are constantly educating meeting planning experts about our Array iPad Engagement Technology platform for live meetings. A very gratifying experience when meeting stakeholders see the value the Array iPad Engagement solution can bring to their meetings. Then when the meeting stakeholder uses the Engagement Technology for the first time, they tell us how significant the iPad Engagement solution made to their meeting, and they will never do another meeting without it.

Educational Measures is one company you won’t want to miss at the M&IW Summit Supplier Showcase. Stop on by to find out how Educational Measures can orchestrate all your technology needs!