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  • Webinars |
    [ON DECK] Transforming the Conference Experience

    [November 13] Explore various topics including the wellness movement, experiential conference design, micro-sessions vs traditional breakouts, the new wave of corporate social responsibility, and personalizing the conference experience. Date: Wednesday, November 13 @ 1 PM […]

  • 45 Min
    Webinars |
    [ONDEMAND] Partnering Together for Emergency Preparedness Planning

    [OCTOBER] During this Industry Insights Webinar, Connie Nau, CMP, CRP, Sr. Director, Recruiting & Training, Talent Engagement, Meetings & Incentives Worldwide (M&IW) facilitated a dynamic and in-depth conversation with two of our top partners in […]

  • OnDemand
    Webinars |
    [ONDEMAND] Industry Insights​ Webinars

    Each month we publish a new Industry Insights Webinar in conjunction with our Industry Insights Newsletter. To view past topics, visit our M&IW Vimeo page. Recent Topics Incude: Top Event Marketing Strategies Ask the Expert […]