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| Written by Marie Johnson, CMP

Hosting a Virtual Holiday Celebration — Entertainment & Activities

Make more than just the thought count this year!

In a recent poll, over 150 event stakeholders, planners, and corporate employees expressed interest in spreading some cheer this season by celebrating the holidays virtually. At M&IW, we believe that the small wins are worth sharing, and teams need to come together, now more than ever, to stay connected, inspired, and appreciated. 

As an extension of our virtual event offerings, M&IW wants to help warm spirits and help make the holiday’s merry and bright. It’s been a rough year and your employees, customers, and stakeholders, deserve an evening of extraordinary experiences, recognition, and celebrationA virtual holiday celebration is a great investment for your team.  

Share your hopes and dreams for the new year, keep your holiday traditions alive, and boost morale with a virtual celebration and gifting package. Bring your team together by making holiday memories. 

It’s Not a Meeting — It’s a Celebration!

Mix and Mingle, indulge, relax, and have fun with these seasonal-themed events and activities: 

  • Holiday Dinner Party and Celebrity 
  • Seasonal Scratch Ravioli Tutorial
  • The Holiday Baking Challenge
  • Made-from-scratch Pies, Cookies, or Breadmaking Classes 
  • Holiday Cakes and Cupcakes Party
  • Gingerbread House Challenge 
  • Cocktails & Conversations 
  • Apple Cider Donut Making
  • Skillet S’mores
  • The Cookie Monster Mash 
  • Lattes and Biscotti’s 
  • Holiday Team Building
  • Holiday Cocktail Hour
  • Talk Whiskey Like a Pro
  • Dessert & Fortified Wine Tasting 
  • The Holiday Vino (Wine) Experience
  • Private Second City Improv Holiday Comedy Show
  • A Private Concert with Meet & Greet
  • Rockettes Performance 
  • The Merry & Bright Package 
  • ‘Let is Glow’ Holiday Decorating 
  • ‘Name That Tune’ and Dueling Piano Party 

Share a Feeling of Hope

Pair a holiday party with a CSR activity to share warm tidings and cheer: 

  • A Mission for the Holidays 
  • A Gift of Home Outreach Program
  • Holiday Pen Pals 
  • The Gift the Keeps on Giving Event
  • A Bear-Y Sweet Holiday 
  • Cheers to Frontline Workers 

How to Host a Virtual Holiday Celebration

Choosing the type of event you want to host and the fun-filled activity is the easy part!

Virtual events have three levels; simple, robust, and complex. 

Not sure where or how to start? Keep it simple, but impactful. Make sure the activity selected resonates with your group, ignites anticipation, and creates virtual ‘watercooler’ moments. One of the best and easiest ways to create connections is through laughter–a holiday lip sync contest comes to mind. Even with simple meetings, remember that small details matter – invitations, reminders, an easy to use platform, great audio, and live streaming, and a few surprises along with way.

Virtual events with multiple hosts and interactivity would be considered robust. They typically leverage Livestream technology through a digital venue or app customized, experiential event design, and themed for your holiday event. Our Event Technology Team has vetted dozens of web apps and can help you select the one best suited for your needs and budget. These celebrations include a stakeholder (you), an M&IW technologist, producer, and tech support. With more than 700 virtual events managed, M&IW can produce a 1-3-hour holiday celebration in as little as three-weeks (*based on package/talent). 

Virtual Event Packages May Include: 

  • Custom pre, and/or post-event gifting, packaging, and shipping 
  • Managed email invitations, registration, and attendee communications
  • Booking and securing talent and technology vendors
  • Building digital venues, livestreaming, and hosting on-demand content 
  • Scheduling technical and content rehearsals
  • Managing activity production, polling, and Q&A
  • Presenter, stakeholder, and attendee support 

What’s Next? 

If you are an employee who is interested in participating in a virtual holiday event, please share these details with your executives, managers, human resources teams, and training departments. 

To learn more about holiday parties and seasonal celebrations, email to schedule a 30-minute consultation.

Already an M&IW Customer? 

Contact your strategic account manager to schedule a 30-minute consultation or to request a private link to the Holiday & Seasonal Section of our Entertainment & Activity Library.