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| Written by Marie Johnson, CMP

Gifting & Employee Rewards Programs a Hot Topic for Virtual Meetings

Last Fall, M&IW rolled out its enhanced gifting and employee reward platform to clients. Since it’s release, the gifting and rewards programs have expanded dramatically across virtual meetings and celebratory events. While there are literally  dozens of practical use cases for a corporate branded reward platform where participants can choose from a selection of gifts and rewards, the top three are outlined below.

Top 3 Use Cases

#1: Pre-Event Gifts and Activity Kits

Some event planners have chosen to create custom pre-event gift packages that may include activities, cocktail kits, or games that may be played during the opening session of an event; Creating a digital cocktail hour, and or team-building experience.

#2: End-of-Event Surprise

Others have added a gifting portal to their program and surprise their attendees with an “Oprah” Gifting moment during the closing session. This moment truly surprises and delights attendees as they are excited to log into the portal and discover all of the gifts, rewards and travel options available to them. This built-in customization allows attendees to truly pick the item that brings them the most joy, connecting that joy to your brand.

#3: Post-Event Leave Behind

Many organizations have also chosen to send post event gifts to their attendees to remind them of the meeting, event, or the experience. For example, after an event virtual concert, customized post event gifts were sent to the attendees that included autographed items and group photos.

The Attendee Journey

Because of the inherent flexibility, these programs offer fun, exciting, and engaging ways to connect employees and stakeholders. Branded email marketing initiatives support the attendee journey, ensuring that communication is clear, the experience is holistic, and that attendees are excited during each stage of the meeting and event.

Virtual Event Attendee Journey

Bonus — Gifting Kits for HR

In recent months, gifting kits have also become a trending topic for corporate teams looking to elevate their connections with new hires, during employee training, and in virtual professional development programs.

#1: New Hire Kits

Send new employees branded content and supporting materials such as a welcome brochure, personalized training agenda, or a letter from the CEO paired with a branded gift, gift card or activity voucher.

#2: Training Kits

If your virtual event includes professional development or employee training, consider sending them a kit that includes their personalized program’s agenda, login instructions, pre-event work, a gift that pairs with a personal development activity or a leave behind keepsake.

#3: Activity Kits

Kits can also be crafted to support in-event activities or entertainment. Ship a series of different gifts and use it as an icebreaker, a get-to-know-you activity, or as a way to organically create breakout sessions around key topics.

Production & Fulfillment

Based on the parameters of your chosen gift or activity kit, materials are either crafted and kitted by the event management staff in-house, using custom branded boxes, fillers, gifts, notecards, or other included materials. Gift boxes are then shipped directly to the attendee before or after the event as specified.

If leveraging a gifting portal, email automations are in place to confirm selected gifts, capture and process attendee data, and ship materials directly to the attendee’s home office from multiple locations, based on product. * due to the scale and quantity of possible products, custom packaging is generally unavailable.

What’s Next?

To learn more about corporate gifting and employee reward programs, email to schedule a 30-minute consultation.

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