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event health and sanitation

Event Health, Safety, & Emergency Planning

At M&IW, health, safety, and emergency preparedness planning are key components to all in-person meetings and hybrid events. The duty of care and due diligence for your attendees’ safety is second-to-none and included in all of our programs. We also include value-added offerings specific to international travel and our global partnerships.

It is about the attendees and constant communication. At every stage of your event, we will showcase how you can best protect your people with reasonable care standards and protocols.

Emergency Preparedness Plans

When it comes to successful event management, every planner knows that the safety of your attendees and event management team is the highest priority. This could be anything from a personal health incident, venue fire, civil unrest, or mother nature at work.

Aspects to consider when developing procedures include:

  • How will you communicate the emergency with staff and volunteers?
  • Do you have an adequate public address system?
  • What is the procedure for stopping (and restarting) the show?
  • Do you need security staff?
  • How will you move people away from immediate danger?
  • Do you have a plan to safely evacuate people with limited mobility?
  • How will emergency vehicles gain access/leave the site?
  • Are their sufficient medical provisions?

Learn more about how we partner together for emergency preparedness planning.

On-Site Health & Social Distancing

You can expect your event team and on-site event staff to: 

  • Obtain the most up-to-date guidelines and safety requirements.
  • Monitor statewide and local announcements that may impact your event.
  • Create health screening and COVID testing protocols and a disinfectant plan.
  • Set up touchless registration with Badges OnDemand and safety glass.
  • Build attendee safety kits with branded or non-branded PPE.
  • Manage social and physical distancing protocols for meeting spaces.
  • Schedule on-site support shifts, visitor policies, and seating arrangements.
  • Create safety signage (6-foot floor markers, CDC signs, mask reminders, etc.).
  • Collect a daily and post-event survey about the safety procedures.

Learn more about M&IW hotel safety protocols for in-person events!

Global Travel & Security

Having managed thousands of events in more than 75 countries, we have seen a fair share of undesirable situations. It is critical to have a plan and be prepared for the unexpected.

Together with our partners, we can:

  • Provide a single system of intelligence, communication, and assistance services to help mitigate risk.
  • Give event planners real-time information to communicate with team members around the world.
  • Allow your team to make high-quality and high-impact decisions with confidence.
  • Provide the actionable intelligence you need to ensure risks are managed, operations can continue, and your people are safe.
  • Include 24/7 coverage from our operational centers around the world.

Enterprises are realizing that threats can occur to anyone at any time. Discover how to be empowered for global travel safety and security. 

Event Staffing: Our Hospitality Heroes

You can expect your on-site event staff to: 

  • Adhere to emergency preparedness policies.
  • Review space capabilities, access, and potential hazards of the selected hotel or venue.
  • Participate in pre-con meetings with your event venue and vendors.
  • Manage on-site safety and health protocols.
  • Professionally manage your registration desk and hospitality suites.
  • Monitor service quality and vendor responsiveness and act to course-correct as required.
  • Manage production teams, entertainment, and décor at each of your event functions.
  • Support your stakeholders in breakout sessions or with other event needs.
  • Flawlessly execute program logistics as outlined by the event manager.
  • Provide stellar service with a smile.

View our image library to see our on-site team in action!

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