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Employee Rewards & Recognition

Reward Performance

Unique and customized reward and recognition packages will remind your employees and channel partners that their hard-earned achievements are important—and remembered. Add tremendous value to  any  in-person, hybrid, or virtual  corporate event,  conference,  incentive, recognition  program or holiday event, with custom merchandising, rewards, or recognition packages. 

Recognition by Event Type

Recognize your employee’s or channel partner’s year-around by integrating multi-types of rewards in conjunction with your  group or individual travel program. 

  • Employee Anniversary
  • Sales Incentive Program
  • Safety Program
  • Employee Engagement
  • Sales Reward Program
  • Attendance Program
  • Holiday or Seasonal Celebration
  • New Hire Onboarding
  • Dealer/Distributor Program
  • On-the-Spot Recognition
  • Peer-to-Peer Awards
  • Customer Loyalty Program
  • Training Program

Gifting & Merchandising Portals

Customized Gifting & Merchandising Portals give your participants the freedom to choose items or experiences they will be excited to earn, using points or performance-based achievements. 

Getting started is quick and easy; choose from pre-built packages or create custom rewards based on your employee’s interests.

  1. Brand your program
  2. Build a Virtual Gifting Solution
  3. Create an Online Marketplace
  4. Choose your Brands
  5. Offer a Variety of Gifting Options

Pro Tip: Increase impact with a company-wide incentive contest that drives friendly competition among peers!

Personalized Experiences 

Personalized products and experiential rewards drive long term engagement. Give your employees or channel partners a memorable reward that keeps them positive, passionate, and productive. 

  1. Home-Based Experiences: In-Home Fitness, Art Classes, Baking Kits…
  2. Self-Care: Couples Massage, Health & Fitness, Salon Packages…
  3. Seasonal Celebrations: Holiday Parties, Virtual Galas, Fireside Chats, Craft Parties, Baking Competitions…
  4. Entertainment: Comedy or Broadway Show, Concerts, Murder Mysteries…
  5. Experiences: Travel, Sports Hospitality, Beer & Wine Tasting
  6. Skill-Building: Cooking Classes, Language Programs, Seminars…
  7. Experiences: Travel, Sports Hospitality, Beer & Wine Tasting
  8. Team Building: Networking, CSR Experiences…

Appreciating your team and partners is an investment that will always produce powerful results! 

Custom Reward Packages

Strengthen the bond between brand, executives, employees, channel partners and stakeholders by sending custom, event-themed gifts, and rewards directly to participants’ home or office. 

  • Sent pre and/or post-event gift boxes
  • Customize gifts based on event, holiday theme, or message
  • Leverage pre-packaged gifts
  • Create custom gift sets that include physical gifts, travel, entertainment, or experience gift cards
  • Brand packaging, products, or certificates
  • Send thank you or special occasion gifts

Similar to sending a pre or post travel box for a  group incentive program, gift packages can be themed and used as a networking or conversational tool before, during, or after an in-person, hybrid or  virtual event. 

Create a Custom Reward Program

Give us a call to discuss the goals of your reward program. Packages can be paired with travel and non-travel rewards, enhanced with a contest, or simply added to any existing event.

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