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Apps & Event Technology Facial Recognition

Apps & Event Technology

Dive Into the World of Event Tech 

M&IW’s Event Technology team takes the term ‘techie’ to a whole new level. Our team of experts are innovators and early-adopters of event platform technologies. We research and implement cutting-edge on-site solutions that can enhance your attendee’s PhyDigital event experience. 

Finding the Best Fit

Our technology experts specialize in assessing solutions that best fit your event technology needs. We design, build and manage event and registration applications, in various platforms, and introduce event tech solutions that support your objectives. Let us help you master your use of event technology and implement it in ways that maximize the impact on your attendees

Enhance Your Guest’s Experience

Here are the latest on-site event technology solutions to consider when planning for your next event:   

  • Virtual and Hybrid Meetings
  • Live Streaming Services
  • Onsite Registration
  • Badge OnDemand
  • Mobile Technology & Apps
  • Audience Response Systems
  • Gamification
  • Social Platform Solutions
  • Virtual Reality
  • Augmented Reality
  • Event Bots
  • Beacon technology
  • And much more…

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Badges OnDemand

Ideal for large and public-facing events such as conferences and tradeshows, Badges OnDemand will impress guests with a seamless check-in experience using the latest onsite attendee registration technology.

Avoid common registration challenges such as:

  • Attendee Pre-Registration Errors
  • Unexpected Re-Printing
  • Shipping & Organizing Pre-Printed Badges
  • Real-time Session Changes

Badges OnDemand allows hosts to monitor who attends which sessions, track booth check-in times and determine which content, topics, speakers are most popular with attendees.

Benefits & Use Cases

We understand that choosing an event technology solution for your next event can be overwhelming.

Our Event Tech Quick Start Guide will showcase the best ways to use augmented reality, beacon technologies, chatbots, facial recognition and virtual reality at your next meeting, tradeshow, or conference.

Download the Quick Start Guide


*This guide will automatically download to your local device. Please look in your downloads folder or in your device’s file library to leverage the guide’s automated features. 

Modernize Your Event Engagement

Strategic implementation of event technology solutions can revolutionize your event environment. Are you interested in enhancing the attendee experience and exploring the ROI of event technology? Connect with us to learn how.

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What Our Clients Say

The M&IW Technology team was right on and everything we needed they delivered. The mobile app was a huge hit! Everyone loved it as a means of sharing and interacting, while the polling, Q&A, games, photo sharing were superb.
Global Clothing Company
One big change this year I felt was very efficient (and innovative) was the events app we downloaded on our mobile phones. In the past, we would check-in to the hospitality desk and be issued huge packets. We would have to fumble through the paper to find our meeting times and locations each day. With the app, all of this information was readily available and I loved the instant notifications! This will be a wonderful too at all our future meetings.
Pharmaceutical Company
The App was well supported with an integration to Cvent along with M&IW live onsite support to the attendees, which freed up our team to focus on other work at the conference.
Multinational Telecommunications Company

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