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Global Governance for Strategic Meetings Management (SMM)

Challenging Single Source-Providers

At M&IW, we’ve challenged the concept of the single-source provider for large global programs. We have developed a customer-centric approach to strategic meetings management (SMM). This approach provides premier service at the event level while delivering optimal results for your organization.  

What is Global Governance?

Global Governance is our innovative approach streamlining the process, management and execution of a program that leverages the expertise of third-party providers around the globe. This service model is rooted in our clients’ desire for the flexibility to work with multiple vendors and suppliers while gaining valuable insight into how they perform within their strategic meetings management (SMM) technology solution. 

How A Streamlined SMM Model Will Help

  • Our team will establish and optimize your SMM program based on your SMM goals
  • Streamline policies and procedures across all events within your SMMP
  • Offer training and implementation services for providers who operate within your SMM tool
  • Track and manage SMM performance standards (on your behalf) among the providers operating within your SMM tool
  • Perform in-depth aggregate data analysis and generate robust reporting and business intelligence
  • Optimize your SMM program based on the continual analysis of your event data

Balanced Line of Sight

We’re here to help you optimize your program to reach its maximum potential.  

Our Global Governance Method:  

  • Collaboration: Ensure alignment across your SMMP. We will work transparently and collaboratively with your regional/local service providers to ensure service excellence is achieved.
  • Flexibility: Continue to operate with your preferred providers across the globe. We will help implement your vision without pushing the “single-source” mentality. 
  • Efficiency: Optimize your providers’ efficiency. We will help you implement consistent processes, training and oversight through structured user interactions and training on your SMM tool.
  • Compliance: Promote program compliance across your SMMP. By accounting for regional variances, regular program refinement checkpoints and continuous/timely training, we can ensure improved adherence to your compliance standards.
  • Accuracy: Uphold your SMMP standards. We’ll help minimize issues across meeting operations by providing oversight from beginning to end.
  • Data & Analytics: Leverage the power of your data. We will consolidate, examine and normalize your data across all providers within your SMM solution to deliver high-quality business intelligence and reporting.

Let Us Be Your Guide

Our meeting professionals are here to help you perfect and continually optimize your organization's SMM program. Are you ready to get started?

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