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Strategic Meetings Management Consulting

Intent Strategy Group (ISG) is an independent consulting division of M&IW that provides holistic solutions to Strategic Meetings Management (SMM) and related technology initiatives. From enterprise-wide initiatives and ongoing M&E system administration to pop-up projects, ISG has successfully completed hundreds of customer engagements.

Clients who leverage our services expedite implementations, reduce project durations and fast-track early wins. For visionaries, we’re you’re go-to achievers – the trusted partner transforming ideas and objectives into achievements and results. ​

Strategic Meetings Management (SMM)

For the past four years, M&IW’s dedicated team of strategic meetings management (SMM) consultants have helped clients craft and deliver enterprise-wide solutions that have addressed many of their business objectives. 

Strategic Solutions includes:

  • Discovery & Situational Analysis
  • Gap Analysis & Recommendations
  • Policy Development
  • Workflow & Process Design
  • Implementation Planning
  • Objectives/KPI Development
  • Vendor & Supplier Management
  • Communications & User Training
  • System Administration

Pre-Packaged Solutions

Intent Strategy Group (ISG) is offering pre-packed solutions for organizations looking to jumpstart or streamline an SMM program.

While all SMMP programs are customized, we recognize that many companies want a simplified and straight forward solution that can get them started.


Starter Kit 1.0 leverages either M&IW’s Cvent or the client’s instance of Cvent, with a basic meeting policy and streamlined communications plan.


Kaizen Kit 2.0 provides a program/Cvent system diagnostic review and roadmap of prioritized steps for continuous improvement.

Unparalleled Industry Experience

Our team has:

  • Years of experience controlling spend for Fortune 500 clients before it was called SMM
  • A myriad of certified SMM experts and industry thought leaders
  • Experience with over 300 implementations (SMM and Platform Technology) with global SMM experience
  • Over 17+ years combined Cvent product and organizational experience
  • Supported of the client-side of Cvent implementations first-hand
  • Partnered with clients to optimize expenditures and adopt formal procurement practices in-house
  • Power users in leading meeting management technology
  • Build customized SMM Analytics Dashboards

SMM Technology You Can Believe In

No matter the stage of your meetings program, our ISG team has the technological capabilities to take your program from thought to strategy.

Start a Conversation

What Our Clients & Vendors Say

Thanks for running a great meeting this morning. I wanted to let you know that I’m already hearing positive feedback from the team—which is hard to get to be honest—but people are feeling these calls are time well spent, so thank you for that!
Investment Management Client
M&IW is one of the best users of our entire system and the whole implementation team will vouch for it. Working with the M&IW team has helped the client and the Cvent implementation team, as M&IW brings a tremendous amount of industry and applied meetings technology expertise.”
Cvent Vice President & Implementation Team
Working with the M&IW team has helped the client and the Cvent implementation team, as Lisa/M&IW brings a tremendous amount of industry and applied meetings technology expertise.”
Cvent Implementation Team

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