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Small Meetings Strategy & Support


Small meetings can contribute up to 40% of an organization’s total meeting spend. Simplified+ is an integrated, holistic solution for small and simple meetings that streamlines the event intake process, delivers consolidated data, and creates a compelling ROI story.

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The Time to Invest is Now.

Small and simple meetings are in high demand, but the constant need to do more with less requires an expanded use of automation and simplification of routine tasks. To address this, M&IW’s Intent Strategy Group partnered with event technology company Bizly to create Simplified+.


An Integrated, Holistic Solution

Simplified+ is an end-to-end solution that features a small meetings booking technology woven into an existing meeting and event request/intake process. Its components include…

  • Data Analysis
  • Solution Assessment and Implementation
  • Concierge Support
  • Business Case
  • Self-Service Guide
  • Data Consolidation


The Benefits of Simplified+

Simplified+ brings the benefits of a Strategic Meetings Management Program to small and simple meetings.

  • Automation
  • Friendly User Interface
  • Alignment & Enhanced Visibility
  • Streamlined Process
  • Duty-of-Care
  • Contracting Risk Mitigation
  • Consistency

Small, But Not Insignificant

As creative meeting professionals and tech experts, we can partner with you to design, support and optimize your small meetings strategy.

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