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Incentive & Recognition (I&R) Consulting

People, Processes, Profit

M&IW takes a holistic approach to optimizing a companies’ incentive, recognition and rewards program. We partner with clients to provide solutions that align with their specific short and long-term objectives, connecting, engaging, and motivating their audience; helping them achieve operational excellence while positively affecting the bottom line. 

Enterprise Alignment

There’s no question that rewards and recognition programs play a vital role in helping maintain employee channel partner loyalty and energy, especially during difficult times.

Our immersive approach includes: 

  1. Understanding Your Business & Programs
  2. Identifying Optimization Opportunities
  3. Developing a Strategy for Success
  4. Implementing & Managing Solutions
  5. Reporting & Interpreting Results

We link programs to business outcomes by establishing success metrics, framing program value, and reporting analytics and outcomes.

Incentive & Recognition Services

Our team expertly combines our Incentive & Recognition services to craft an impactful program that inspires your team and impacts the bottom-line.

Build an amazing program focused on:

Discover how to retain consistency in your program offerings across divisions, regions, and experiences. 

Increase Sales & Build Loyalty

Whether you have simple or highly complex program requirements, our solutions can flex to fit your needs.

We can help by: 

  • Keeping programs fresh and new while aligning with your short and long-term objectives
  • Ensuring participants understand their eligibility, how they can win and how they can view their results
  • Determine what employees and/or partners are motivated by, and what they will most appreciate
  • Effectively communicate with all stakeholders throughout the program cycle 
  • Incentivizing and recognizing regional, global or virtual workforces

Discover how to provide a truly unique experience for your team!

Optimize Processes

We know analyzing your program’s success is more important than ever.

Our analytical and optimization processes include: 

  • Establishing and analyzing success metrics and program performance goals
  • Ensuring Executives and Key Stakeholders understand the importance, value, and impact of an effective incentive and recognition program
  • Managing complex rules, tracking, delay reporting, and reward fulfillment
  • Operating programs and compliance with limited or no resources
  • Sharing best practices for optimizing spend due to budget cuts

We want to understand who your audience, company culture, and it’s diversity in order to deliver the best possible results. 

Pre-Packages Solutions

Our pre-packaged solutions help establish a repeatable process for standing or refining existing programs, processes, and compliance.

Starter Package:  The Starter Package leverages your existing plans and refines using current criteria and awards, simple fine print, and communication plan for rollouts.

Optimize Package:  The Optimize Package reviews the program and make recommendations for communication, processes, reporting, analysis, technology, and a compliance diagnostic review.

Foundational Package: The Foundational Package helps get your program started, building your incentive and/or recognition foundation from the ground up or starting a centralized organization. 

While some packages offer a quick implementation, others offer lower price points, expedited results, or increased employee retention and enterprise alignment.

Let us customize a package that’s right for you!

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Connect with our experts to learn how to build an immersive Incentive & Recognition program that drives results and moves business forward.

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