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| Written by Marie Johnson, CMP

Employee Spotlight: Strategic Meetings Management Still a Focus with MPI

MPI Meeting Executives Board Focused on Strategic Meetings Management
MPI Internaional Board Meeting

Angie Duncan Callaway, CMM, Director of Intent Strategy Group (ISG), was featured in MPI Industry News and interviewed regarding Strategic Meetings Management. For those unfamiliar, ISG is a division of Meetings & Incentives Worldwide. Our team of consultants helps clients develop and implement their SMM strategy, manage large scale SMM and technology implementations, and find the best solutions for their enterprise event strategy needs.  

As the Advisory Board Chair for the MPI Meeting Executive Community, Angie shared the benefits of belonging to a community of senior-level meeting planners during her interview with Michael Pinchera in an article entitled Meeting Executives Must Focus on SMM. They also dove into why it is important to apply SMM around digital events and select the right suppliers and technology providers around this new format for delivering effective events. Below are a few takeaways from the MPI article and also some additional highlights from Angie.


Benefits of belonging to the MPI Meetings Executive Community – This community gives me the opportunity to get to know others who are dealing with similar issues in business strategy, team management, and trends happening in our space. Because you are surrounded by your peers, they understand the environment and pressures that are also present in your day to day world.

COVID-19 related challenges specific to meeting executives – There are several strategic areas of focus related to COVID-19 that should be addressed including meeting policy changes, enhanced enterprise reporting, and virtual event strategy. Just as COVID-19 brought about changes in human resources and travel policies early on, there are impacts on group activities and protocols that must be addressed and outlined in the meeting policy moving forward.

Another top challenge being faced by meeting executives – It’s hard to pinpoint an area that hasn’t been affected by COVID-19. I will say that a challenge that isn’t new but one that has boiled to the top is employee engagement and morale. With all the uncertainty, truly supporting and caring for employees is more important than ever. 

Learn more about the MPI Meeting Executives Community and join in on the discussion! 


Tell us about the Intent Strategy Group (ISG) at M&IW and your role.

ISG began in 2015 as a division of M&IW to respond to the increased demand for a more holistic approach to SMM and technology consulting. Our consultants are experts with meetings domain and technical expertise including Cvent Master Certified. From a client perspective, after partnering with our team to identify, facilitate and secure new business; I become a client partner gaining a full understanding of their objectives, bringing forth clarity and a strategic plan for custom, highly detailed integrations that help them realize their desired success metrics.

What I love most about my career is that every day is different and a great blend of roles: operations, alliance building, strategic planning, business development, account and program management, client service and success, resource management, leadership and mentorship, and crisis and change management.

How have you been involved with Meeting Professionals International?

I’ve been a member of MPI for more than 20 years and belong to the Indiana Chapter. I am currently the Advisory Board Chair of the MPI Meeting Executive Community. I’ve been the Chair for two years and on the Advisory Board for three years.

Have you held other MPI Board positions in the past?

As a long-standing MPI member, I believe in giving back to our community.  I’m a true believer that you get more back than you put in and have been involved in various volunteer positions. 

  • International Board of Directors for four and a half years
  • Chapter President of the Indiana Chapter and board member for four years
  • International MPI positions including the Chair of the Membership Advisory Council, on the Future of Meetings Task Force, and the CMM Reimagination Task Force
  • Currently supporting the Indiana Chapter with several ad-hoc needs

Share something unique about you that not everyone would know?

I started my hospitality career working on Norwegian Cruise Lines. I graduated and jumped on a cruise ship – not a way bad way to get your feet wet (literally!). So, of course, I am the family vacation planner! I’m also passionate about local and global missions and have traveled around the world to serve others in need. One of the most meaningful was a mission trip to Jaipur India serving lunches in different schools and working in a children’s home protecting young girls from trafficking. Our group visited a workshop that was built to provide employment for women – teaching them textile and handicraft skills while also providing a school for their children so they could work and also protect their children.

Mission Trip India
Mission Trip to Jaipur India


To learn more about Intent Strategy Group (ISG) and our consulting services, visit SMM and Technology Solutions (ISG) or email to schedule a consultation.