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| Written by Kaycee McFalls


At M&IW, we strive to foster an inclusive culture. As a certified Women’s Business Enterprise, we celebrate and understand the importance of diversity, and our newly-renamed DEIB team is committed to further strengthening our efforts. Previously called the DEI team, which stands for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, the B was added in 2022 to represent the end goal of DEI initiatives: Belonging.

Defining DEIB

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging are concepts that can be difficult to pin down, but a solid understanding is necessary for lasting, meaningful action. Here are the definitions currently used by our team:

Diversity: The appreciation and prioritization of people of different backgrounds and identities in a group.

Equity: The acknowledgement that different people may need different levels of support to achieve their goals and the act of intentionally providing that support.

Inclusion: The culture or environment that a workplace creates to allow diversity to thrive.

Belonging: The feeling of security within a group that stems from proactive efforts to include someone.

With these definitions in mind, the DEIB team will lead M&IW in supporting and celebrating historically oppressed peoples including but not limited to Black, Brown, and AAPI people; the LGBTQ+ community; and people with disabilities. They also released a new mission statement:

Meetings & Incentives Worldwide is committed to building, sustaining, and retaining a diverse workforce and a company culture of encouragement, support, empowerment, and inclusion for all.

We are committed to creating events and experiences that positively impact a global and diverse audience and foster an environment with our partners that is welcoming and respectful for all.

M&IW recognizes we must maintain a collective family with a variety of backgrounds, skills, and views that channel each unique perspective: a place where we can celebrate bringing our whole authentic self to work every day.

The Importance of DEIB

DEIB doesn’t only benefit individuals. Decades of research show that increased diversity in the workplace improves company culture, job satisfaction, and performance:

  • Diverse companies have 2.5 times the cash flow per employee.1
  • Diverse teams are better decision makers than individual decision makers.2
  • 76% of job seekers, particularly Gen Z and Millennials, say that diversity is an important factor when researching potential employers.3

In short, when people feel that they are fully respected and accepted members of their workplace, they engage more fully and improve the organization overall.

DEIB Initiatives at M&IW

So why DEIB? Because it’s the right thing to do, it makes sense financially, and it’s what M&IW is already doing. Our culture has always been authentic and welcoming; the DEIB team is just formalizing and actively supporting it by bringing it into the spotlight.

Honest conversation held in good faith is key to greater empathy and, thus, growth, so the team will be hosting small question and answer forums, showcasing world holidays and traditions, and encouraging the adoption of company culture changes that will foster diversity visibility. They also plan to create diversity and cultural sensitivity curricula for new hires and current employees alike. As an organization, we support the team and their efforts and look forward to working together for the betterment of all.


Headshot of Kaycee McFalls

Kaycee McFalls

Digital Producer, Production & Technology, M&IW

DEIB Team Member


1 Global Industry Analytics, Inc., 2022

2 Boston Consulting Group, 2018

3 Glassdoor, 2020