Leadership Team


Leadership Team

Meetings & Incentives Worldwide has been successfully servicing global clients for more than 50 years. Our flat organizational structure and unique size drives executive awareness and the ability to remain nimble for our clients. We can make quick decisions, navigate through change, and take advantage of opportunities. With Meetings & Incentives Worldwide, you receive the attention of your dedicated team as well as our company owners.

Jean Johnson

Jean Johnson, CMP

Co-CEO and Chief People Officer

Jean Johnson, CMP, has 30 years of experience in the travel and meeting industry. She is extremely experienced in group air travel management, meeting and event planning, international travel, and incentive programs. She has a strong focus on global operations and talent acquisition. She remains hands-on in the day-to-day operations of the company and works closely with the exceptional members of the Meetings & Incentives Worldwide team to exceed our clients’ expectations. In an ever-changing industry, Jean has kept the company focused on innovation and earned Meetings & Incentives Worldwide the reputation as a global leader in travel, technology and strategic meetings management (SMM).

1. What do you love most about M&IW? “The people! We are all one big family who truly care about each other. We share the same passion and pride about what we do.”

2. What word best describes you? “Happy”

3. Who do you admire the most and why? “My dear friend Yvonne. She fought her battle with cancer with such grace and dignity; she never gave up. She was brave and strong until the very end.”

4. What quality is most important for leadership? “The ability to seek out other leaders, know how and when to tap into their strengths, and empower them to bring their best forward.”

5. What helps you sleep at night? “Surprisingly… my “to do” list!”

Tina Madden

Tina Madden, CPA

Co-CEO and Chief Customer Officer

Tina Madden, CPA, has more than 30 years of experience in finance and accounting and 20 years in the meetings and travel industry. She utilizes her creativity and experience by overseeing global enterprise services, sales and marketing, and finance. She continually drives change and new ideas. Her passion for the industry and M&IW is contagious and energizes those around her.

1. What do you love most about M&IW? “The family environment and dedication of our people. Every person on our team cares as much about our clients, one another, and our success as I do.”

2. What word best describes you? “Passionate”

3. Who do you admire the most and why? “My dad. He is a true entrepreneur and risk taker. He built this wonderful company on a vision, sweat equity, and putting everything he owned on the line. He always believed in good days’ work and wasn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. He assisted on the ground at the airport, greeted people at the hotel, helped load luggage on the buses, and basically whatever it took. He was also the guy who would meet someone for the first time and when they walked away, they felt like they had made a new best friend. That is a gift I admire. He has now generously given my sister and me the greatest gift – carrying on his legacy!”

4. What quality is most important for leadership? “Having a vision and continually reaching for it. Thinking outside the box, being creative and staying relevant!”

5. What helps you sleep at night? “Having the right team in place to take care of our clients and exceed their expectations.”

Kris McKinney

Kris McKinney, CMP

Vice President, Operations

Kris McKinney, CMP, has more than 25 years of experience in the travel and meeting industry. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to M&IW’s diverse team. She leads the global operations team with her strategic planning, change management and business development skills. She has assisted the company through various restructuring and initiatives. Within global operations, she oversees program management, attendee registration, group air travel, implementation and training, and the on-site execution teams.

1. What do you love most about M&IW? “I love the passion of our people. From our web designers to our senior program managers, everyone who works for M&IW acts like an owner and truly cares about the end results.”

2. What word best describes you? “Dedicated”

3. Who do you admire the most and why? “My mom. She was the consummate caregiver, taking care of all others before herself. She chose to stay home and place the needs of her family before all else, and at times, forgoing her dreams and aspirations for those of her daughters instead. I would say that she’s the one that blessed me with my planning traits as she had impeccable organizational skills and was a multi-tasking wizard. In my position, I often hone in on those nurturing and teaching skills to constantly move our people and processes forward. I can certainly thank my mom for those skills as well.”

4. What quality is most important for leadership? “Being passionate. I think people respond better and work harder for leaders who are dedicated and passionate about their work. A leader should inspire others and motivate them to achieve success.”

5. What helps you sleep at night? “The M&IW team – the diverse expertise, dedication, talent, compassion and teamwork that occurs on a daily basis allows me to sleep easily knowing that we have the best team to take care of all of our clients’ needs and exceed their expectations.”

Lisa Palmeri

Lisa Palmeri

Vice President, Global Enterprise Solutions


Lisa Palmeri has more than 30 years of experience in the travel and meetings industry. As Vice President of Global Enterprise Solutions, Lisa leads M&IW’s strategic centers of excellence including global sourcing, account management and analytics teams to provide comprehensive meetings management solutions. Her teams provide guidance on meetings management strategies encompassing all facets of meetings including strategic sourcing, meeting policy and SOP’s, program compliance, KPI’s and performance metrics and financial outcomes. Her diverse background includes consulting center and Professional Services Organization (PSO) leadership and administration, strategic planning and sourcing initiatives, global project management, talent acquisition, development and mentoring, technology product development and solutions consulting, and enterprise customer success. She enjoys leveraging her entrepreneurial spirit and passion for people to promote best-in-class performance from her teams, bring innovations to market, implement strategy, and develop customers for life.

1. What do you love most about M&IW? “It’s a combination of many elements that make M&IW special. It starts with their highly customer-focused approach to everything they do combined with an insatiable appetite for being on the cutting edge of new technologies and solutions that drive value. I would describe the company culture as progressive, entrepreneurial, authentic, hard-working, collaborative and fun.”

2. What word best describes you? “Passionate”

3. Who do you admire the most and why? “Jimmy Carter. It can be argued that he wasn’t the most effective President we’ve ever had, but his life’s work since leaving the White House has been dedicated to helping others; something I find most admirable. He is a consummate diplomat and statesman, however, he consistently demonstrates fairness, humility, integrity, and a genuine caring for the human race.”

4. What quality is most important for leadership? “I recently took part in a Leadership Challenge and learned that there really isn’t a characteristic or trait that makes a good leader, rather that leadership is communal. Leaders are made, not born. I am invested in the people I lead. I’m not here to simply dole out orders; my job is to create opportunities that will develop talented individuals into future leaders. It is gratifying to see bright, hard-working people with passion of their own grow into their roles and find success and fulfillment.”

5. What helps you sleep at night? “Living with integrity, whether at work or in my personal interactions, is my true north. I want to be respected which requires that I do what I say and say what I mean. I don’t ask my team to do things I don’t believe in or wouldn’t do myself. Integrity can’t be trained, either you have it or you don’t, and working with people who also prioritize this in the way they conduct themselves is invaluable.”

David Guse

David Guse, CPA

Vice President, IT Services and Information and Data Privacy Officer

David Guse, CPA, has more than 25 years in the financial & IT environment, of which the last 10 years he has been with M&IW. David is responsible for leading the implementation of several major technology initiatives and the related processes in an effort to be a leader in the industry with the use of technology. David’s background as a CPA brings an understanding of the importance of information trails, accurate data reporting and processes for auditing and Sarbanes Oxley requirements.

1. What do you love most about M&IW? “Knowing that you are part of a great organization comprised of knowledgeable and enthusiastic individuals.”

2. What word best describes you? “Reliable”

3. Who do you admire the most and why? “My grandmother. You never really realize what an influential person they were, all the holiday meals they prepared and never, never heard anything but how thankful they were to be part of a great family.”

4. What quality is most important for leadership? “Listening to your team. There are so many vantage points that guide everyone to their conclusion. The understanding that those exist provides an observer with multiple vantage points of reference.”

5. What helps you sleep at night? “Very quiet kids.”

Dan Tarpey

Dan Tarpey, HMCC

Vice President, Sales and Marketing


Dan Tarpey, HMCC, has more than 20 years’ experience serving the hospitality, hotel and event management industries; 15 of which have been with Meetings & Incentives Worldwide. Dan and team are responsible for developing and leading the strategic initiatives that drive new business opportunities for the company; including marketing and communications, creative services, and new business generation and development. Dan’s deep background in best-in-class hospitality brings a passion to the team giving 110% each day and a strong focus on developing trusted relationships with our clients and partners.

1. What do you love most about M&IW? “That’s easy… our people. We attract the most amazing and passionate people that truly care about each other, our clients and our mutual success.”

2. What word best describes you? “ALIVE! Live every day to the fullest, and learn/grow from your mistakes.”

3. Who do you admire the most and why? “My wife. The strength, patience, and tenacity it takes to be a wife and mother is more powerful than any business or world leader.”

4. What quality is most important for leadership? “Integrity. Be honest with yourself and everyone you meet, and you will succeed in life.”

5. What helps you sleep at night? “Exercise. Daily workouts and wellness activities help focus the body and mind… which helps me sleep.”