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  1. On-Site Health & Safety During a Pandemic [CHECKLIST]

    On-site event safety and health is a hot topic among planners who want to “get back to work,” however, with a greater due diligence at play, program owners and event stakeholders need to understand the risk and the overwhelming opportunity […]

  2. Event Health, Safety & Emergency Planning

    At M&IW, health, safety, and emergency preparedness planning are key components to all in-person meetings and hybrid events. The duty of care and due diligence for your attendees’ safety is second-to-none and included in all […]

  3. COVID Event Safety: What Meeting Professionals Need to Know

    At M&IW, when it comes to event safety, we share the philosophy that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. For years, we’ve helped our clients develop and execute emergency preparedness and […]

  4. How to Be Empowered for Global Travel Safety and Security

    Sometimes empowerment is about feeling like you are in control in situations which are out of your control. When it comes to global travel safety and security, we all know there are many things that […]

  5. Events > Forward — Adding Discovery When Sourcing In-Person Meetings

    The initial discovery process for sourcing in-person meetings has changed since pre-pandemic. Having open and honest conversations will lead to a more comprehensive and transparent sourcing process to ensure the personal safety and security of […]

  6. Hybrid Event Planning: 5 Ways to Create an Amazing Dual Experience

    It is time to REIMAGINE how we plan, produce, and execute meetings and events. Our goal as event planners and industry consultants is to provide new and improved best practices that stretch beyond enhanced SOPs, […]

  7. Events > Forward — Building a Powerhouse Hybrid Events Team

    To design and produce a hybrid event for your organization, you’ll want to have a powerhouse hybrid events team in place. In addition to many of the individuals from your in-person events planning team, you […]

  8. Employee Spotlight: Denise Farrell Joins PCMA POWER Chapter Board

    Denise Farrell, Director of Global Procurement, has joined the PCMA POWER Chapter 2021 Board and will serve as the Education Officer. PCMA’s mission is to deliver superior and innovative education to promote the value of […]

  9. Events > Forward — Developing an Emergency Response Plan for Events

    You may not be able to predict when emergencies will strike, but you can plan for them by having an Emergency Response Plan. In fact, detailing emergency preparedness procedures is one of the most important […]

  10. Hybrid Events: Fast Forward to Unique Attendee Experiences

    For those who have been around the industry for some time, do you recall the drive for virtual and hybrid events? Around 2008, the internet had come of age and new tools and technologies made […]